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fallen fallen is babylon

"She’s the same as him. She has the capacity for very calculated used of love, affection, sexuality, charm and intellect." — Benedict Cumberbatch on Irene Adler.


when ur friend invents a crack ship and u fall for it 


Powerless! Look at you, the great space dustbin!


"Do you have the chocolate Ferrero Rocher? I thought it was the poshest thing in the world and the epitome of classy living. So I kept the box. And inside the box I placed a note that said my prize possession is my binoculars and my ambition is to be an actor. I also kept bus tickets in the Ferrero Rocher box." (x)

Anonymous whispered: katie, that gifset w/ andrew as a priest of some sort reminded me of the fact that craig parkinson also played a priest @ one point and now i cant stop thinking about some sort of mormor au im terrible

i’m listening…………………………

Alaska is an alien and recording artist from the planet Glamtr0n [sic]. No one knows her age or species. She was discovered on Earth almost 60 years ago with only a 1972 issue of Vanity Fair and a can of Tab. Alaska cites Divine and Marilyn Monroe as her biggest influences.