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i ever tell you about trevor?

So, I talk in my sleep.

I have done this for as long as I remember.

I would even go as far as getting up and screaming, or tossing my pillows in the trash. 

It’s a little embarrasing. I can’t fall asleep anywhere except in my own bed. I don’t give out secrets of anything, I just… say stupid stuff.

Take last night, for example: I woke up and said “Rabiddy.” Confused, my husband repeated this nonsense word back to me. I answered, “Yeah, rabiddy. I’m just dangerous, honey.”

And then proceeded to go back to sleep.

I have absolutely no memory of any of my sleep-conversations. 

In fact, I make my husband tell me the next morning whenever I do something in the middle of the night. Some memorable instances are:

I’m totally out of it when these episodes happen. Matt gets kinda freaked out. 

I’m telling you this because my daughter has started making sleep noises (another thing I do), which makes me count down the nights until she’s telling me she has a sailboat full of pudding. D:

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  1. anotherdecemberbaby said: I occasionally talk AND walk in my sleep. It’s a scary thing, haha!
  2. donteatyourboogers said: You just reminded me of one time I woke up screaming. It was the only time I’ve ever done that. I was dreaming that Eric threw a snake at me and I sat up in bed screaming. Scared the shit out of Eric…lol
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