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So, I talk in my sleep.

I have done this for as long as I remember.

I would even go as far as getting up and screaming, or tossing my pillows in the trash. 

It’s a little embarrasing. I can’t fall asleep anywhere except in my own bed. I don’t give out secrets of anything, I just… say stupid stuff.

Take last night, for example: I woke up and said “Rabiddy.” Confused, my husband repeated this nonsense word back to me. I answered, “Yeah, rabiddy. I’m just dangerous, honey.”

And then proceeded to go back to sleep.

I have absolutely no memory of any of my sleep-conversations. 

In fact, I make my husband tell me the next morning whenever I do something in the middle of the night. Some memorable instances are:

  • getting up and screaming (SCREAMING) because I ate someone’s food.
  • putting my pillows in the trash because “you told me to take them to the kitchen, hon.”
  • opening the bedroom door to let the dog out (we have no dog)
  • repeating “I’m Captain Tubbs!” to my husband

I’m totally out of it when these episodes happen. Matt gets kinda freaked out. 

I’m telling you this because my daughter has started making sleep noises (another thing I do), which makes me count down the nights until she’s telling me she has a sailboat full of pudding. D:

  1. anotherdecemberbaby said: I occasionally talk AND walk in my sleep. It’s a scary thing, haha!
  2. donteatyourbooogers said: You just reminded me of one time I woke up screaming. It was the only time I’ve ever done that. I was dreaming that Eric threw a snake at me and I sat up in bed screaming. Scared the shit out of Eric…lol
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